Taking your family to travel the world and witness other cultures and places is one of the most enriching life experiences you can give them. It will build character, curiosity and memories that last forever. It’s also a great experience for you as a parent, but one which requires preplanning to take the stress out of it. So read on to discover four essential things you need to sort before beginning your family adventure… 

Sort Out Home Storage   

Although you want to focus on where you’re going, it is vital to consider what you are leaving behind. Especially if you are renting, moving out for a year can save you a tonne of money to be pumped straight into your travels. However, leaving your stuff with friends and family is not always ideal and taking up their space whilst you travel the world can lead to resentment.  

A way to avoid this is by placing your stuff in a private storage facility. It will be a fraction of the price of rent on a property, you know your stuff is safe and insured, and many also will help you pack and transport your belongings. If you want to find out more about storage options near you, visit this website.  

Find a Solution for Teaching  

Perhaps you have already considered options for you to work while travelling, but it is absolutely essential you think about your children’s education too.  

Start by looking up your local curriculum and ensure you understand what level your children need to be at when returning to school. Some of these curriculum points will require devoting specific time to, for example, learning about fractions or spelling and grammar. However others, such as understanding animal habitats or languages, may easily be linked to your travel activities. 

Consider how you are going to deliver this education. If you are teaching your children yourself, a tablet is preferable over carrying textbooks, and there are plenty of fun educational games you can also download. However, if you feel you cannot meet your country’s homeschooling requirements yourself, it is worth finding an online tutor to provide additional support. 

Looking after Your Health  

Seek out international health insurance. Health is so so important, especially when it comes to travelling with kids. Accidents happen, and bugs go around, so access to medical care is vital. Additionally, you must sort out any vaccination requirements for your children before you go and pack a first aid kit with essential medication.

Sign Up for Email Correspondance  

Although it is possible to receive important post while abroad or have mail redirected to a friend’s house, it is best to transfer as many of these letters over to email before you go. For example, if you’ve not already cancelled paper statements in favour of email, contact your bank and let them know that this or online banking is your preferred choice of contact. This is the same for mobile companies or any other monthly bills you pay.  

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Final Thoughts  

Travelling with your family will be a fantastic experience. By taking care of these four points before travelling, you’ll be confident that you’ll return from your trip healthy and thriving and relax back into your routine with only the benefits a year out can bring.

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