Long term travel is something few families choose to do. Not because it’s not good for them, but because it can be daunting. Taking months or even years away from home to travel can be scary enough for a single person or couple, let alone having your kids in tow! 

However, long term travel can work for families, but you do need to plan properly. You will need to take at least a year to plan your trip. Below, we’ll go into a few things you can try in order to make this work for you: 


Planning for as long as possible beforehand is key to getting this right. You’ll need a binder where you can document everything, from routes to insurance options. You should also include education options and anything that might be of concern later. Compiling all of your resources in one place is a good idea too. 

How To Make Money On The Road

If you have plenty of savings, you won’t need to make money on the road, but you will need to make sure you stay frugal and within budget. More on that later. However, making money on the road is an option if you want to ensure your income can stretch. It will vary month to month, but at least you can feel confident that you’re bringing something in. Ideas include:

-Building websites

-Renting your house out

-Content writing

-Consultant work 



If you’re planning on keeping your house, you can use a site like Bekins Moving Solutions to find help to put your things into storage while you’re away, so you’re free to rent your home out and make some extra cash. 

Assessing The Risks

Assessing the risks is important – this is one thing that holds many families back from taking the plunge. While you’re not to believe everything the news tells you and the world can be a safe and lovely place, there are risks as with anything else. Pay attention to what’s going on in the news and anywhere that could be in unrest. Use your good judgement. Get travel insurance no matter what, as well as the appropriate shots and immunizations. Do your research on absolutely everything so you’re fully prepared. It won’t hurt to take a first aid class or even a self-defense class either. 

Make The Kids Part Of The Process

One of the most important things you can do is include your kids. It doesn’t matter how old they are; make sure you include the min the planning. Make it fun for them and make sure they are just as prepared as you. Their world is about to be turned upside down! You should be learning together about your destinations, playing games to make learning new things fun, and practicing the skills you’ll need on the road.

Make sure you talk to your kids about their concerns too, as they will likely have many and they need to know you’re willing to discuss them with them!

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