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About us

hi there!

About us

We’re a family of four – Kylie, Mike, Sophie who’s 9 and Jack who’s 7 – from Auckland, New Zealand and we LOVE travelling the globe together.

Our Overseas Adventures

About us

Kylie and Mike have racked up almost 60 countries globally and the kids have done around 36. We’ve experienced many countries on this beautiful planet and are now family travel experts.

In 2016 we took a family sabbatical through Asia, Europe and the Middle East and in 2019 we’re off again, currently travelling through Europe. We would love to inspire more families to take the trip of a lifetime together – whatever their age!

We LOVE talking with other families about how to travel with kids. If you’ve got any questions, or would like to work with us please get in touch.

    “See you on the road!”

    Who are we?

    About us

    Get to know us a bit better!

    • Jack
      Jack Jack is 7, loves Roblox and sharks. Jack's favourite country is Finland because he loves huskies, and is toying with becoming a professional ski-jumper.
    • Sophie
      Sophie Sophie is 9 and is a history buff and avid lemon sucker. Her favourite country is France because she loves a good macaron.
    • Mike
      Mike Mike is the Dad and on-location navigation-ninja (most of the time!) He loves a good curry and a round of golf.
    • Kylie
      Kylie Kylie is the Mum and Editor-In-Chief of this website. She loves cooking classes, tropical islands and French markets.

    Where we’ve been

    About us

    A whole bunch of inspiring destinations where we give you all the best tips and advice for a great family holiday.


    Fascinating culture, stunning beaches and fabulous street food, Asia has it all.


    Impressive history, fairytale castles and the perfect place to holiday with kids.


    The lands downunder of Australia and New Zealand plus the stunning Pacific Islands.

    The Middle East

    Beautiful mosques, friendly people and stunning architecture.

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    • Ed Jones

      I’ve just discovered your blog and I have major blog envy! Really good read. My blog has turned into a photo album. I’ve got limited IT skills!
      We are also a family of four who have sold everything and have been on the road since January. Currently in a chilly Sydney. We’ve been across Canada and California. Pet sitting mostly. We will be in Auckland in August.

      • Our overseas adventures

        Hi there, thank you so much, it’s a labour of love. We’ve been a bit hopeless updating it lately – too busy enjoying the time! Your trip sounds wonderful too. I’m afraid August will be a bit chilly in Auckland too but you might get some lovely cool but sunny days. Make sure you go to Waiheke Island and out to the Waitakere Ranges and west coast beaches if you get the chance, they are stunning (we’re biased I know!). It’s a shame we’re not back in Auckland until September, we would have loved to show you around. I love the pet sitting aspect, I’ve looked at doing it as well but we’ve run out of time on this trip. Maybe next time! Thanks for getting in touch and enjoy!

    • Linda Gibson

      Hiya Kylie! A friend of mine, Avril Pereria, was here (Long Jetty, NSW) over the weekend and told me about your blog. We are off to Europe for 3 months with our 4 y/o boy, Kade starting the end of May. I was looking at the 10 things that you recommend taking and was wondering abut the Trunki Boostapak. My husband has reservations about it as it does not seem to be Australian certified. Did you use one for Sophie as well as Jack? Kade is quite tall (outgrowing 5 y/o t-shirts) and already weighs 20kgs so I wanted some idea of your guide on this please if you can?
      Thanks in advance!

      • Our overseas adventures

        Hi Linda, Avril was telling me about you the other day! What a great time you’re going to have 🙂 So I did some investigating as well into the certification for the Trunki Boostapak before we went because I had similar concerns – from what I could gather they haven’t been Aus/NZ standards approved simply because they haven’t gone through the testing/licensing process in those countries, it seems Europe and the US are they key markets for them. It certainly has all the European/ECE and US relevant safety certification and my thinking was that the US in particular is going to be quite stringent due to their litigious nature! We definitely used it for Sophie and it worked well for her, she was also around the 20kg mark when we set out and 120cm tall so it was perfect for her. They seem to go by height with booster seats rather than weight – I know in NZ they need to be in a booster until 142cm tall, so we’re taking them with us again on some upcoming trips as she’s still not tall enough. They worked really well for us and easier than lugging around a giant carseat (which we’ve done before as well and it was a pain). Hope that helps, let me know if there’s anything else I can help with! Cheers, Kylie 🙂

    • Lisa Smith

      Thanks for opening and replying to this message.
      I’m interested in publishing an article on your website.
      Do you offer a guest post or paid submissions? (If yes, please send me a price).
      I am waiting for your reply!
      Lisa Smith

      • Our overseas adventures

        Thanks Lisa, I’ve sent you an email direct.

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