A family holiday is something you look forward to all year long. But if you’re not careful, it can be chaos, rather than the relaxing break you’d pictured. Luckily, you can take a few key steps when you’re planning to ensure you go on a trip to remember — for all the right reasons. Here are five tips for a successful family holiday.

1. Create a budget and stick to it

Work out how much you can realistically afford to put aside each month before you start saving. Not only will this help you narrow down where you can go and where you might stay, but having a specific figure in mind will make it easier to save. Sticking to your budget will also reduce the chance of money worries (and stress) while you’re away.

Not sure how to get started? Have a read of this guide to family holiday budgeting.

Stick to your budget
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2. Make a list of everything you want to see and do

Not only will you be able to plan something for everyone, but little ones will enjoy having input into the holiday (which makes them less likely to misbehave).

It’s important to keep everyone happy, just remember not to squeeze in too many activities. Children need regular breaks for food and rest, so factor these into your itinerary and make sure everyone has enough downtime. You’ll enjoy your time away even more if you can fully relax.


3. Check your destination and accommodation are child-friendly

Your family’s safety comes first — don’t skip this step! It’s better to do your research and ask questions than it is to assume everything will be okay.

Child-friendly features:

– Secure windows and doors
-Gated pools
-Qualified lifeguards
-Patrolled beaches
-Kids’ clubs/daycare facilities

There’s no harm in encouraging your children to try be more adventurous and try new foods, but it’s worth checking there are a few kid-friendly fail-safes on the menu too, just in case. Need some inspiration? Check out The Secret Traveller’s list of foods worth travelling for.


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4. Hire a car if you can

Whether you need transport will depend on your family’s needs and your holiday plans. For example, you won’t need a car if you stay in a resort where everything is within walking distance.

If, however, you want to venture further afield, a car will give you more flexibility than public transport. You can come and go as you please, which is especially useful when you have younger children, and a bigger vehicle will have lots of room for all your luggage.

To help make up your mind, Extra Mile have a list of the pros and cons of holiday rental.

5. Pack a bag of everyday essentials

Chances are you’ll already have items you use on a daily basis — things like bottles of water, wet wipes, and antibacterial gel. On holiday you’ll need extras like the items below.

For summer holidays:

-Sun cream
-Sun hats
-A shade for the buggy

For winter holidays:

-Sun cream
-Lip balm with SPF
-Spare gloves
-Hand warmers

Finally, don’t forget to bring books and portable games with you — they’ll keep children occupied while you’re waiting in queues or for flights.

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