Family adventures are something that fills the photo albums and reminds us all of the times in the past that we had fun together as a family. We do need to make sure that we always feel connected as a family and taking on an adventure together is one of the best ways to do this. But is going for a hike up the mountain the only adventure that we can think of? Or are there some more imaginative ideas that we can share? Here are some ideas that you may not have thought about before, that you can do with your family at any time and fill the photo album with memories for years to come.



Camping in the woods

Many of us remember going camping with our family, and finding a nice safe area in the woods where you can pitch a tent and set up fire can be an amazing adventure for our children. Making a difference to our children’s lives by taking them on an adventure is certainly something that will be appreciated as they grow up. Roasted marshmallows on the fire is an activity that most children love. So why not get a tent,  get everybody in the car and find your way to a lovely outdoor space this summer?


All you need to do is pick your road, your Tailored Tackle, and your outdoor gear and go off for a fishing trip together. It’s amazing what you can do when you find what you need and read some guides online that can help you understand what you need to do to be successful on your fishing trip. Helping children to understand the ins and outs of fishing, can enhance their childhood with knowledge and experience. Going fishing and being successful is a wonderful memory for children, and they will love family time with this one.


When it comes to an adventure with all the children scuba-diving could be a great consideration. Of course, you can’t just start without any idea – you do need to take the courses and make sure that you are all safe. But if you find the correct instruction, and have the safety equipment, it can be an experience that the children will never forget. Generally scuba-diving is offered on family holidays, and depending on where you are in the world can be relatively inexpensive too.

Zip Wire

There are many different companies that are setting up zip wire and high rope adventures for people. And even though you may be already well versed in climbing and heights, this adds a whole different aspect to the experience. There are generally challenges and extra activities added onto these adventures for the more advanced climbers, and this is when people must choose their activities wisely. If you are an adventurer, then going at it head-on will of course be in your comfort zone. These high ropes and wires can be very exciting, and can also be incorporated into many different holidays that you can book already.

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