So you’ve heard what the parents think about this life on the road business, now it’s the kids’ turn…..

What do you like about travelling?

Sophie: I like going to different places and I like spending time with my family. The people everywhere that we’ve met are really nice in Asia. I liked meeting different people, the hotels, apartments are really nice.

Jack: I like going to different countries because everybody is nice.

What are your favourite things we have done so far?

Sophie: My favourite places were going to Secret Paradise (in Cambodia), because you could get up and just go straight for a swim, read your book, have a nice dinner. I’m liking Bali as well because the food is really nice and everyone is kind. I liked going on the safari because we saw a leopard, hornbills and lots of lizards. We saw a monitor lizard in Sri Lanka. I like Sri Lanka as well, you got to go on the beach and swim in the pool. In Vietnam on the boat it was really nice as well. I liked going to Kidzania.

Sekret, the cute dog who lives there
Fun times at Secret Paradise in Cambodia

Jack: Vietnam and going on the boat because everyone was kind and because it was my birthday. I really liked the safari because I saw lots of animals.

What are the favourite things you have had to eat?

Sophie: I like quesadillas, curry and rice in Sri Lanka – it’s about 4 or 5 dishes that you put together, spring rolls at Morning Glory in Hoi An in Vietnam and the condensed milk ice-cream. I love eating rambutan, mangosteen, passionfruit and dragonfruit.

Jack: I like eating all the bananas. I really like banana roti too. I like fruit.

S trying a chilli. They are being trooper eaters so far.
Sophie trying a chilli way back at the start of our travels.

What has been your favourite way of getting around?

Sophie: Tuk-tuk because tuktuks are faster and cooler than cars

Jack: I like going on the trains because they’re really fun.

What do you miss about home?

Sophie: My family, but it’s great travelling

Jack: I miss all of my other cars and my friends (he’s talking about his toy cars that are packed up. He frequently talks about them even though he has a collection of them travelling with us!)

What are you looking forward to the most about what’s coming up?

Sophie: France is coming up. I think I’ll like the people and also doing Wordy Wednesdays and drama*. And London because we’re going to see the Natural History Museum.

Jack: I think I will like the house in France, and running in the backyard.

*Wordy Wednesdays refers to some school programmes that we have enrolled them in once we reach France.



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