The Ultimate MSC Seaview Packing List – How To Pack For Your Cruise

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So you’ve booked your tickets for a cruise on the MSC Seaview, and it’s time to get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

There’s so much to organise before you set off on a cruise holiday or vacation, and one of the most stressful things we’ve found from experience is exactly what to pack.

It can be hard to know what are essential items to bring along, and what you’re better off leaving at home. According to one survey, 90% of woman admit to not wearing everything they pack for vacation – and that ladies pack an average of 8 pairs of shoes for a 7-day vacation!

Well based on our experience cruising on MSC Seaview and decades of international travel, we’ve done the hard work for you – here’s the Ultimate MSC Seaview Packing List with everything you need for your upcoming trip. We’ve even provided a handy downloadable checklist below that you can print out for reference.


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Essential Items For Packing For Your MSC Seaview Cruise


You’ll obviously need your passport for travel, but it’s important to protect it from damage and potential identity theft.

We always travel with our passports in a protective RFID blocking pouch to keep our passports safe, prevent any water damage and stop anyone from electronically pickpocketing our personal details.

We also take a photo on our iPhone of the key pages from our passport and upload to iCloud in case we ever lose our passports and need to retrieve the details.

Also check BEFORE you travel if you require any visas for the destinations you’re visiting on the cruise. These will be checked upon embarkation, and if you don’t have the relevant visas you won’t be able to board the ship!

Tickets and Documents

You’ll obviously need all of your documents that MSC send you such as tickets, excursion documents, plus your flight details. Once you board the ship you will be given paper tokens if you have pre-purchased drinks packages too.

We like keeping ours all together in a handy travel folder like this one so we don’t misplace anything important.


You’ll find you won’t need money onboard the MSC Seaview, as everything is paid with your Cruise Card.

You need to activate your Cruise Card on board by using one of the card machines, where you choose the amount to be deducted from your credit card.

One of the cruise card activation points all around MSC new ship.

One of the cruise card activation points all around the ship.

During on-shore excursions, we found we only need a small amount of cash to pay for items like drinks, ice-creams, small souvenirs. To keep things minimal, we like to keep our credit cards and a small amount of cash in a wallet like these.

Sturdy luggage

Decent, sturdy luggage is a must-have when travelling – particularly when you’re on a cruise and your bags will be manually loaded on and off the ship. We recommend suitcases with a hard shell to protect all your items from damage.

Our favourite travel suitcases are these Delsey Hard Case Spinner Suitcases, which are perfect for taking on a cruise.

It’s important to note that you can only take one suitcase per person aboard the MSC Seaview. These suitcases will fit in everything you need in this cruise packing list comfortably, and as a bonus the suitcase expands another 2 inches for additional packing capacity – perfect to fit all your cruise souvieners in!


A decent camera is essential to capture all of those once in a lifetime memories that you’ll have when sailing on the MSC Seaview.

For our trip we upgraded from our iPhone to a Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera, and we absolutely love it.

It’s a great mid-range camera that doesn’t cost the earth and is extremely simple to use. And it takes great photos like these one we took at our Pompeii excursion:

Pompeii with Mt Vesuvius in the background.


Our kids exploring at Pompeii!

Check out prices for the Canon EOS M50 camera here.


Anti-Theft Travel Handbag

We take our trusty PacSafe CitySafe Anti-Theft Travel Handbag whenever we go, but particularly in large cities such as the stops on the MSC Seaview Mediterranean itinerary.

We love this bag for so many reasons – it’s small and lightweight but contains slashguard wire throughout the bag and strap to prevent people slashing and running.

The turn and lock security hooks mean the zips can’t be discreetly pulled open and the inside wallet compartment has full RFID blocking technology.

Packing cubes

Packing cubes have literally changed our lives and the way we now travel – since discovering them we ALWAYS pack our clothes when travelling in them.

Not only do they save space, they make everything so much easier to find and locate, particularly when travelling with kids and all of their stuff!

We LOVE our packing cubes!


While we were on-board the MSC Seaview, I didn’t even unpack underwear, socks and some of the kids clothes as it was just easier and convenient to leave it all in the packing cubes.

We tend to travel with one large and one medium size packing cube per person, plus around 3-4 extra medium-sized packing cubes to use to hold our first-aid kit, electronic cables and wires and small bits and pieces to stop them from getting lost in the suitcase!

Check out prices for packing cubes here.


The old saying is true – “if you can’t afford to purchase insurance then you can’t afford to travel”.

While medical assistance is available on-board the MSC Seaview (for a charge), you still need to have comprehensive medical and travel insurance – again you will not be able to board the ship without proof of insurance – they do take a copy of this and check when you are checking-in for your cruise.

Be sure to check that your insurance covers all of the destinations that the MSC Seaview is visiting – even if you don’t plan on disembarking at a particular port – and importantly check that you are adequately covered for cruising as some insurance companies will charge an additional premium for this.

Also be sure to check the fine print when it comes to any pre-existing conditions too – you don’t want to be in the middle of the Mediterranean in an emergency situation only to find you’re not covered.

We recommend World Nomads Travel Insurance. You can buy and claim online, and it is available to people from 140 countries. It’s designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities.

Packing List For Your MSC Seaview Cruise

Having been on a week-long cruise on the MSC Seaview, here’s what I would recommend that you pack.

If you go on a longer cruise, you might like to use the on-board ship laundry service. We did this before disembarkation as we were travelling onwards to a destination with no access to a washing machine. Our clothes came back clean and beautifully pressed, but of course does come at a cost (there’s no self-launder facilities available on-board).

Clothes For Onboard and Excursions

5 to 7 t-shirts, vest tops or blouses, a mix of plain and patterned styles.

3 pairs of shorts – consider one pair of bermuda style for excursions, a shorter pair for on-board the ship and perhaps some denim shorts which are versatile for on-board or out on excursions.

2 pairs of capri or 3/4 length pants/trousers – can be used during excursions or paired with a dressy top for informal dinners. White pants/trousers go particularly well on-board a cruise!

-2 skirts – skirts are a great choice for hot weather. I like to take a mid-length skirt along with a shorter skirt.

2 sundresses – again for either on-board or to wear out on excursions. I particularly love these cute dresses that would be perfect for your cruise:

-2 formal dresses – if you plan to dine in the formal restaurants aboard the MSC Seaview, or want to make an evening of it and visit the Champagne Bar and take in a show, you’ll want to look smart. We recommend packing two formal dresses to look your best. Black or navy formal dresses are a good choice for versatility.

You man also like to pack a neutral coloured clutch purse to pop your lipstick and other small pieces into like this:

-1 kaftan or kimono – a kaftan or kimono is a brilliant choice for packing in your cruise luggage as it’s so versatile. You can either team it with a tank and pair of shorts for wearing out on an excursion, or slip it over your swimsuit or bikini for casual on-board day attire. I like to choose one with bright, tropical colours that suit a holiday mood!

-1 x cardigan or light sweater – this is handy for when it may be slightly cooler in the evenings or early morning

-Activewear and gym gear – if you’re into fitness there’s a fabulous gym on-board the MSC Seaview, or you can choose to take a stroll or run around the top deck.

-8 x underwear and bras


Theme Night Outfits

Don’t forget to pack clothing if you’re interested in participating in the theme nights on-board the MSC Seaview such as white night (where you dress all in white) or the tropical themed evening. Depending on space and how much luggage you want to pack, you can bring separate outfits for these or pack smart and double-up.

For example one of your sundresses could be white so you could wear it for the white themed evening.

Perhaps if your kimono has a tropical print you could team this with a pair of white capris and a plain vest or t-shirt and accessorise with some chunky jewellery and sandals for the perfect tropical night outfit.


For your cruise I would recommend four pairs of shoes (definitely not 8!!):

1 x comfortable sandals for aboard the ship and out on excursions. Personally I love Birkenstocks, for a great mix of comfort, practicality as well as looking reasonably stylish!

1 x dressy sandals or wedges like theseto go with your more formal outfits:

1 x flat trainers for wearing out and about on excursions:

These Adidas trainers are perfect and also useful for wearing if you’re taking a flight or other transport to and from your cruise.

1 x pair of flip flops/thongs/jandals – essential poolside footwear!

Swimwear And Accessories

Ideally, you will want to pack two pairs of swimwear for your cruise – 1 x bikini, and 1 x full swimsuit for when you’re participating in activities like going down the ship waterslides (to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions!) If you’re plus size then check out this gorgeous swimsuit that’s super flattering.

Don’t let a dose of sunburn ruin your cruise holiday! A sunhat is essential while you’re out and about on excursions or lazing beside the pool. If you plan on taking part in some activities like hiking on-shore or sports, then a cap can also be useful.

A poolside tote bag is super-useful to carry everything you want to take to the pool or out to the beach on excursions, such as a book or Kindle, sunscreen, water and snacks. Check out these super cute tote bags.

Because you’ll (hopefully) be out in the sun a lot during your cruise, you’ll need some decent sunglasses like these ones.

Toiletries and Medication

Along with your own personal medication, here’s a list of what you will need to bring in terms of toiletries and other recommended medicines and remedies.

There are shampoo, conditioner and body wash all provided on the MSC Seaview, so unless you have a particular favourite brand, don’t worry about packing your own.

Tissues are also provided in your cabin (I had a slight cold so went through a few!)

Although there is a full medical centre on-board the MSC Seaview, you might want to bring a basic first aid kit with you like this that you can pop into your daypack is ideal.

Here are some items that you should consider packing:

Hanging toiletry bag – this saves space in the bathroom where there isn’t a lot of sink space, as you can hang it on the back of the door.


-Travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste.

Travel sized hairbrush and whatever clips and hairties/accessories you will need

Make up and makeup remover wipes

Razor and shaving accessories

– Ocean friendly Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Mosquito repellant

General painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol

Antiseptic cream – we always take this one with us.

Hand sanitizer – we found hygiene to be extremely good on-board MSC Seaview, but we always carry a small bottle of hand santizer with us when we travel and it sure comes in handy (especially on the flight to and from the cruise)!

Sea-sickness Remedies

Because of the size of the MSC Seaview, you don’t feel a lot of rocking on the ship at all, which should hopefully mean no sea-sickness.

Unfortunately though, it can occur and can really put a dampner on your holiday if it strikes.

Our daughter suffers from motion and sea sickness and we’ve found the following products really help her overcome it.

Sea-sickness tablets

Motion sickness patches

Ginger candies – ginger contains natural anti-nausea properties

Sea bands – accupressure bands that sit on the Nei-Kuan acupressure point which according to Chinese medicine is thought to help with nausea.

Learn more and check prices here:

Electronics and Technology

Here are some useful electronic and technology items you might like to consider bringing on your cruise.

Laptop or tablet.

Smartphone – you may also like to consider packing a waterproof phone case to protect it from splashes beside the pool and beach.

-A Kindle (which is way more convenient than carrying heavy books around.) These are now waterproof, which is perfect for taking on a cruise!

Portable battery pack for charging up your devices when you’re out on excursions.

-A Universal Adaptor is handy if you’re coming from outside Europe to use for all of your electronics.

-You may also like to pack some good quality headphones to cancel out noise on your flight to and from the cruise, or to sit and listen to some of your favourite tunes while you relax on-board!


Men’s Packing List For Your MSC Seaview Cruise

Many of the items listed already can be shared between travellers, so here’s a basic list of what males will need to pack for your MSC Seaview cruise.

Generally speaking men can wear casual shorts and t-shirts around the ship and on excursions. For the buffet and non-formal restaurant a smart polo shirt or dress shirt and trousers (chino style) is ideal.

For the more formal restaurants you should consider packing a dress shirt and trousers. Ties and blazers/suit jackets are not compulsory but can absolutely be worn if you want to feel smart and have space in your luggage.

A tuxedo is not necessary, but if you want to make it special and feel comfortable then by all means bring one along!

Clothes for onboard and excursions

-5 x t-shirts

-2 x polo shirts or dress short-sleeved shirt

-2 x dress long-sleeved shirt (ties optional)

-3 x pairs of shorts

-2 x long trousers – chinos or khakis

-1 x suit or tuxedo (optional)

-Lightweight sweater for cooler evenings on deck and any plane journeys

-8 pairs of underwear and 5 pairs of socks

-1 or 2 belts


-Activewear and gym gear

-2 x pairs of swim shorts

-1 x pair of sunglasses like these

-1 x sunhat and 1 x suncap

Theme Night Outfits

If you’re wanting to get into the spirit of theme nights, then you should consider packing an appropriate shirt and pair of trousers for ‘white night’, and perhaps a fun tropical print shirt for the tropical evening.


Similar to the ladies packing list, you don’t want to take too many pairs of shoes! We would recommend:

-1 x pair of flip flops/jandals/thongs

-1 x pair of sandals for on-board or excursions. Again Birkenstocks are a great comfortable yet stylish choice

-1 x trainers or sports shoes

-1 x dress shoes


Kids Packing List For Your MSC Seaview Cruise

We found the dress code for children aboard the MSC Seaview to be very relaxed, so don’t worry about packing loads of formal wear for them! You may like to get into the spirit of dressing up if you’re taking them to one of the excellent on-board shows or dining at the formal restaurants, but don’t feel like you have to compromise comfort for your kids. We would recommend you pack:

-5-7 t-shirts / vest tops / blouses or shirts – preferably a combination of these

-3 – 5 pairs of shorts and/or skirts for girls

-2 pairs of trousers or pants

-2-3 sundresses for girls

-A pretty dress for girls and dress shirt / polo top for boys for formal nights (optional)

-Cardigan or light sweater for cool evenings and to wear on any flights to and from the cruise

-10 pairs of underwear

-2 pairs of sleepwear

-4 pairs of socks

-1 x sunhat and 1 x suncap

-1 x kids sunglasses

-Diapers/nappies and wipes. (note: children are only permitted to swim in the on-board pools if they are toilet/potty trained, however if you are planning any beach excursions you may like to pack some swim diapers/nappies)

-2 x swimsuits / swimshorts

-1 x swim UV rash shirt like this – the sun can get very strong while you’re enjoying the on-board pools, so we’d recommend you consider packing one – and it also means you need to apply less sunscreen to them!


-1 x pair of Crocs for onboard the ship and during excursions

-1 x pair of trainers

-1 x pair of formal shoes (dressy sandals are ideal)

Kids Toys

There’s so much to do for kids on-board the MSC Seaview that you really don’t need to worry about bringing many toys to entertain them at all.

-We took our Amazon Fire tablets along for the kids with some pre-loaded games and educational apps on it. We find these perfect for kids as they’re robust and the pricing is better than other tablets on the market.

Kid headphones for the plane and other quiet time

-Crayons, stickers and colouring books – ideal for when you’re waiting for your food in a restaurant

-We LOVE a game of UNO – our son learned to play when he was three and it’s the perfect family game for travel

-Favourite bedtime teddy or cuddly

-A small selection of favourite toys, ideally that you can carry in your hand luggage on board the plane also

Transporting Babies and Toddlers Around

The MSC Seaview is huge, and it does take some time to get from one side to the other!

If you have small children (under 4) it really would be worth taking a lightweight stroller along. The ship is very accessible with ramps and lifts making it ideal for strollers. We absolutely love this lightweight stroller that’s perfect for travelling with kids.

The other advantage of taking a stroller is that your child can take a nap in it while you’re out and about on excursions or enjoying the pool.

We also recommend taking a Tula Carrier with you as it will come in extremely handy out and about on excursions. We’ve used ours so many times in different cities over the years and even fitted our tall five year old in it a couple of years back! It’s definitely worth considering taking one of these.

What Not To Pack For Your Cruise

Here are some items that you shouldn’t pack for your cruise, either because you won’t need them or they are prohibited items on-board!

Alcohol: you are strictly prohibited from bringing alcohol on board, and can only purchase it on-board. Bags are scanned every time you board the ship, so it’s highly unlikely that you’d be able to sneak any on either! We were pleasantly surprised though at the cost of buying drinks on board as it wasn’t extortionate.

Clothes iron or travel iron: you cannot bring your own iron on board for electrical safety reasons and it will be taken from you and kept safe until the conclusion of your cruise when it will be returned to you.

Hairdryer: likewise you cannot bring your own hairdryer on board, but a good quality one is provided in your cabin

Beach towels: don’t worry about packing a beach towel as you are issued one per person in your cabin. These can be swapped as necessary, as well as taken out and about with you on excursions. You must return the towels at the end of the cruise or you will be charged for them.

Drones: you’re not permitted to fly a drone on-board or around the ship

What We Wish We Had Packed For Our Cruise

There are a couple of items that we didn’t pack for our MSC Seaview cruise, that in hindsight I wish we had have!


We didn’t take a GoPro with us but I seriously wish we had and it’s a big one we regret not packing!

We could have captured some epic footage on the incredible ship waterslides and on the zipline, plus it would have come in handy on our shore excursions.

So next time we cruise, we’re definitely taking the GoPro Hero 7 with us for sure.

Travel Laundry Bag

Having a family of four, dirty laundry accumulates in no time at all. We took some un-environmentally friendly plastic bags with us to store our dirty laundry in, but this was hopeless as the bags split and didn’t contain it. At one point the kids dirty laundry got mixed in with the clean and it was a bit of a nightmare.

This annoyed us so much that when we got home from our trip I researched the best travel laundry bags, so that we wouldn’t have this problem again on our next trip. You can read all my reviews here and I’d definitely recommend taking a travel laundry bag with you on your MSC Seaview cruise to avoid these issues!

Collapsable Water Bottle

As mentioned in my MSC Seaview Cruise Review, water is freely available on the ship which is great. However I wish we had packed some foldable water bottles to take with us, so we could fill up before we went out on day excursions.

Once we were out and about, we could have then filled the bottles up from drinking fountains or purchased one large bottle of water to refill all the individual ones, instead of buying 4 x bottles of water which is both expensive and highly unenvironmentally friendly.

Here are some good options for folding or collapsable water bottles:

Lanyard for Cruise card

When you board the MSC Seaview, you’re issued with your Cruise Card which you use to pay for and access activities around the ship. It would have been great to have a lanyard with us that we could have placed the card into and worn around our neck, instead of carrying it around with us – we did misplace the kids ones a couple of times!

You can find out more and check prices for these lanyards:

Downloadable MSC Seaview Cruise Packing Check List

If you’d like to download a free printable copy of this packing checklist, simply fill out the form below and we’ll email it to you!


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