Our two kids are also going to contribute to this blog, telling the stories of what they see in their words as we travel around. Sophie will also do this as one part of the writing component of her schoolwork.

To kick things off, I sat down with both of them to have a chat about our big trip. (Note: Mum is typing this up but it is not edited).


Hello my name is Sophie, I am 5. I am looking forward to seeing my friends and family in Australia and spending time with my family and my brother Jack.

I bet I’m going to have a really good time, I am going to report back to my school and send them emails probably once a week.

I am looking forward to my trip.

Here is one thing I am looking forward to, spring rolls in Vietnam because I like spring rolls.

Going to France and going to the waterpark at Bali and having really fun rides on the little floaties and having my birthday in Bali and I’m thinking about having a mad hatters party.

I am looking forward to going to France and all of the other different countries and going to the markets and speaking French and other languages.

I’m looking forward to seeing the elephants in Thailand. The most exciting thing is going to Kidzania because because we get to dress up and be our parents and our parents are us. I want to be a dancer at Kidzania and be a waitress.

I am Sophie, I am looking forward to my trip next year, yay.


My name is Jack, I am 3.

I am looking forward to Vietnam, it’s my birthday there. I want a dinosaur cake.

I’m going on 14 planes. At Kidzania I will drive the aeroplane.


To explain: Kidzania is one of the biggest things the kids are looking forward to next year. It’s a place that’s a child-sized version of a real city (complete with buildings, pedestrians and vehicles apparently), and kids get to dress and do jobs like adults would, and get ‘paid’ in Kidzania currency. There are 16 of them around the world and the jobs vary but include things like be a pilot, air hostess, work in a TV studio, the OREO cookie factory, take part in an hourly dance, perform a magic show, perform dental treatments on a dummy, work in a beauty salon….. it’s all branded (to brainwash the future generation ahem)  and it goes on and on. I suspect we may need more than one visit!

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