Many families like to take a vacation once or twice a year, but it’s uncommon to see parents traveling with kids for a prolonged period of time. There are practicalities to consider when planning an extended trip, and it can be more difficult to arrange a longer break, but it is possible for families to reap the rewards of long-term travel. If you long to explore more of the world with your brood, here are some options to consider.

Short-term work placement or office relocation

One option that might work for you if you’re not in a position to take months off work, is a short-term relocation or a work placement. If you already have a job, and your employer has offices or branches abroad, why not ask about the possibility of moving to a different country for a while? Companies often welcome a degree of movement and fluidity, and you can gain a lot from spending time overseas in a work capacity.

Ask your boss about relocation options and make sure you’re aware of the potential benefits that come with your new post, for example, insurance packages and accommodation. From an executive condominium to financial help towards a rental home, it’s worth checking if you need to cover the cost of moving and of lodgings once you arrive.

Working abroad enables you to discover a different culture at the same time as earning a wage. Spending time in an overseas office will also look impressive on your resume.

Taking a sabbatical

If you’re keen to take a prolonged period of time off to travel, your annual leave might not stretch far enough. If you’ve been with the same employer for a substantial amount of time, it may be possible to take a sabbatical. This would involve agreeing on a period of time away from work and coming back to the position once you’ve returned from your travels.

Not everyone will be able to arrange this kind of break, but it is worth approaching the subject if you have a flexible employer, other employees have done the same in the past, or you’ve been at the same company for many years.

Working on the go

For many families, cost is a barrier to more frequent travel. If you’re looking to take your family away, and you don’t just want the average 2-week trip, have you thought about spreading your wings and working on the go? Thanks to the Internet and smartphones, we’re more connected than ever before, and this has given rise to a whole host of new opportunities to make money.

You could think about freelancing and taking on a few select projects while you’re away, you could make money from blogging or posting on social media, or you could look for casual work to fund your adventures, for example, bar work. If you are toying with the idea of working while you travel, it’s wise to plan ahead.

Try and figure out how much money you’ll need for your trip, how much you need to earn while you’re away and what kinds of opportunities might be available in the destinations you’re visiting. If you don’t already have a flexible job, or a means of generating income on the move, it’s a good idea to try and secure a position before you go or to ask around and research online to find useful contacts. 

Taking a career break

If you have the financial means to take an extended break, why not plan a trip and visit countries you’ve always wanted to explore? Time flies, and many of us have ever-growing bucket lists. If you’re able to afford to take a break from your job, to give up work altogether for a period of time or to appoint somebody to take over a business you run, it makes sense to take the opportunity while you can.

It’s particularly advantageous to consider this route if you have young children. Once kids reach school-age, it’s much more difficult to take longer vacations, and you can only travel at certain times of the year.

If you love to travel, the prospect of taking an extended break to visit a different country or trot around the globe is incredibly exciting, but you might have concerns. Traveling over a period of time is not always easy for families, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. If you take these options into consideration and you plan in advance, you might just find that long-term travel will work for you.

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