China is one of the places which everyone must visit at least once in their life once they get a visa to China. When you visit the place, there are a lot of iconic monuments to visit in China.

Apart from nature filled with scenic locations and the hustle and bustle of city life, you can find a lot of monuments that speak about the glorious past of China.

It’s one of the ancient countries in the Asian continent and it’s very hard to trace the history of Asia without visiting China. This is the list of monuments you must visit if you’re planning a trip to China.

Great Wall of China

This is a place you can’t miss out as it falls under the Seven Wonders of the World list. It’s very impressive due to its excellent architecture. The wall covers more than 15 provinces. When youre visiting Beijing, it’s a must to go near the Great Wall of China to have a look at how the country protected its borders in the past.

Terracotta Army

This is one of the most popular tourist places in China. This is an archaeological site and it was discovered only in 1974. People from all corners of the world would want to visit China to just have a look at this Terracotta army. The most exciting part about this Terracotta Army is that it has around 8,000 Warrior statues but there is not even a single copy, which is repeated. Each character has its shaping.

Forbidden City

You’re sure to get flabbergasted at the architectural marvel of the world’s largest wooden building. There are more than a thousand rooms in this building complex. It would give you an idea of how the royal family of the Ming Dynasty had lived in the past.

Despite being a wooden structure, it has withstood the vagaries of nature and has housed the royal family for ages. It’s located in the capital of the country, Beijing. This Monument is considered very important as it was so huge that it almost felt like a mini-city inside a city.

The name, Forbidden City was coined because no one can ever think of entering or leaving the palace without obtaining the permission of the emperor. Back in those days, when there was no Chinese Visa, the emperor was the sole decision-making authority.

Potala Palace 

The region of Tibet is one of the most sought-after places to visit on your trip to China. The Dalai Lama is seen as a prominent figure in Tibet and several monasteries are instituted under the teachings of the Dalai Lama.

This particular Potala Palace served as a residence to more than 10 Dalai Lamas. In the year 1959, the Dalai Lama at that point time was forced to vacate the palace and was put into a situation that made him move to another safer place as Tibet turned out to be unsafe for him. This historical palace is now converted into a museum where around 2,000 people visit every day.

There is a compulsion that you need to ensure that you book tickets for this museum in advance as not more than 2,700 people are allowed to visit the museum in a single day.

The altitude, at which this palace was built, makes it one of the most prominent features. 

Temple of Heaven 

You wouldn’t be visiting Beijing without making a trip to the Temple of Heaven. This is seen as one of the most important landmarks in the capital city, Beijing. 

You would have missed seeing this particular monument at least in the pictures because when speaking of Beijing, this particular Monument catches the attention of the photographers at the very first instant. 

Ever since China was discovered by Marco Polo, it has turned out into a place that was the target for many other explorers. People wanted to explore China as it seemed very exotic and mysterious.

The charm hasn’t reduced even a bit in today’s time. It’s very exciting to feel the contrast that exists between China’s modernity and the ancient traditions. These are some of the important monuments you should be visiting on your trip to China.

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