Sheewee – the portable urinating device for women –

What a good idea.  To quote from the sales spiel on their website:

“Shewee is a moulded plastic funnel that provides women with a simple, private and hygienic method of urinating without removing clothes whilst standing AND sitting.

 When positioned securely under the crotch, and with underwear pushed to the side, Shewee directs urine away from the body to a suitable place, such as a toilet, a container or a conveniently located tree!”

So I might just be getting one to use in the dodgy Indian squats, or when nature calls on the Inca Trail.  Only if there is a conveniently located tree, mind.

The Shewee marketing team obviously had a brain storming session (maybe with a few wines?!) to come up with every possible scenario where a Shewee might come in handy.  They’re kind of stretching it a bit, but these gems on their website cracked me up…

‘No more cold bottoms – stay warm inside your tent.  No more tripping over guy ropes to get to the communal toilet.  Simply kneel in your sleeping bag, place Shewee in the correct position…any size bottle will do but we recommend it has at least 1 litre capacity.’

I can just imagine the look on Mike’s face if I tried Sheweeing in the tent next to him.  I do indeed think I would be having a cold bottom as I would be sleeping outside the tent.  By myself.

But wait, there’s more….

“Never worry about traffic jams again.

Use Shewee standing up on the grass verge- just turn your back to the jam and your dignity is maintained.”

Really?  I can’t see how whipping your daks down and sticking on a false penis to pee in a bottle would ‘maintain your dignity’ somehow…..  (this coming from one who once had to dash across 4 lanes of stationary traffic on the M25 to have a quick vommie amongst the weeds and sweet wrappers after over indulging at a wedding the night before.  Oh yes, I know all about traffic jam dignity alright.)

Travel the world with the comfort of home in your glove box.

Bring it


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