Gaining the chance to take your family on a trip to Western Australia can be a wonderful opportunity to introduce them to the beauty of Mother Nature, as the biodiversity is like that of no other location on the planet.

There are so many awe inspiring locations to visit, along with a whole host of fun activities that are sure to encourage memories that last a lifetime! So, if you want to find out more about how you can take your family on a nature focused trip to the serene land of Western Australia, then read on for some of the best top tips and tricks that can make your vacation as exciting as can be! 

Explore The Beaches & Water 

One of the best places that you can visit in Western Australia are the beaches and coastlines, as the water is often so clear and full of marine life that you simply can’t spot anywhere else!

Taking the opportunity to whack on a wetsuit and go scuba diving with your family is a great way to explore the Indian Ocean, but even a basic paddle on the shoreline will suffice if you aren’t a lover of open water.

The beaches are a great place to try some of the local seafood delicacies too, and there’s nothing more fresh than a fish that was caught just a few metres away moments ago. Experiencing Jurien Bay in Western Australia is a memory that will stay with you and your family forever, so be sure to do some research to ensure you can visit the best locations. 

Journey Across The Land 

The activities to explore Mother Nature on and are truly endless in Western Australia, as there’s all manner of different environments and climates to experience as a family.

There’s a whole host of natural parks that contain vast landscapes of lush forests and wildlife, the beauty of which might even inspire you to soak up the surroundings by arranging a mini camping trip.

Cliff tops and high peaks make for the perfect trekking environment, and there’s no better place to take in the sights than the tallest points around – just think of the photo opportunities once you reach the peak! 

Pack Properly 

It’s a good idea to pack a few nature inspired outfits inside your luggage, as there are many weather fronts and environments that could be different from your usual norm.

Swimming of course requires a costume or bikini, but it’s best to avoid those that contain reflective features as these can attract unwanted attention from passing marine life whilst you’re in the water.

If you plan on exploring Western Australia on foot, you’re going to need a quality pair of strong walking boots along with UV proof headwear and sunglasses that can protect you from the intense summer heat. It’s a good idea to bring a small first aid kit too, as it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Have fun exploring Mother Nature in Western Australia! 

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