The Easter sales are pretty fab this year, so we made the most of it to get a few more bits and pieces we need for the trip.

After talking to Paola and Cory we were a bit freaked out that we haven’t got enough warm clothing for Argentina/Bolivia/Peru, so we went to Kathmandu and bought some sexy striped longjohns.

I also got a thermal sleeping bag liner which looks toasty and apparently gives up to an extra 8 degrees of warmth.  Hope so, because I am such a wimp and really feel the cold.  Some of the nights in Bolivia and Peru will probably be getting into the negative degrees C.

We also got a sleeping mat each and got a small tent for half price at Rebel Sport which we are going to use in France.

We decided to have a trial pack earlier in easter weekend to see how we were going room wise.  It was all great – until we figured out that we didn’t yet have our sleeping bags, toiletries and medical kit in there.  Uh-oh something is going to have to give…what do you mean I can’t take my little black dress and stilletoes?!

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