After Manchester we headed to Chester for a look around the gorgeous town wth black and white tudor style architecture.


Then we got thirsty, so drove to a country pub for a bit of lunch.

Along the way we passed some old dude with his horse and cart.



We’re quite happy about being on holiday as you can see from the photo below.  Cheers.






Mmmmmm cheese…

We then drove down to the southwest via Stroud where Kylie used to work.  The offices at Ebley Mill are still looking great and the new canal has gone in.


Then to Bristol, our old home.  Lots of construction has gone on in the 4 years since we were there, but many things remain unchanged.  It was fantastic to see it again.

That night we couldn’t find any accommodation (short of driving over to Wales), so we pitched our tent for the first time at a campsite/backyard owned by some weird guy that was kind of reminiscent of the shop owners of Royston Vaysey 😉




The next day we got out of there and drove through the New Forest,  here’s Mike with a big old oak tree and the Rufus Stone (for those of you that have read The Forest)




We then went to see Tracey and Adrian in Chessington and got a lovely surprise to see a little bump in front of Tracey.  Great news, Baby Cifton is due in November.  Good old Pizza Express that night.



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