Going on your first holiday with your baby can be a fun experience. When taking the baby on a vacation you want to be well prepared and do everything with ease. Well there are many ways to make your life easier when traveling with your baby.

In this guest post, our friends from Wanderlust Storytellers share 5 successful tips to help you survive your first holiday with your baby.

1. Use a backpack diaper (nappy) bag

Instead of using a standard messenger bag when traveling, you might want to consider a backpack diaper bag.

A backpack diaper bag will make traveling much easier, especially when you have to get around airports or even get to your travel destination. A diaper backpack will provide you with a hands free travel experience to deal with important things like tending to the baby, handling information, passports, plane tickets and more.

Also with a diaper backpack bag you won’t have to worry about adjusting it to stay on your shoulder as you would with a messenger backpack.

Backpack Diaper Bag

2. Take a baby carrier on holiday

Taking a baby carrier with you on holiday will make your life much easier. You can put the baby carrier on, be hands free and manage to do several needed tasks.

It will make the baby more comfortable being next to you and easy for them to sleep. The baby carrier will ultimately keep the baby calm when you are traveling on holiday. It will also give you tranquility in an overcrowded, noisy area. Baby carriers come in many varieties so you can choose one that fits your needs.

You can even get different baby carriers for different occasions. Having a baby carrier on holiday will provide you the comfort of climbing stairs and exploring the impossible without the limitations of a pram.

Baby carrier

3. Add an extra 30 minutes onto every part of your travel itinerary

When on holiday, you will want to add extra time to your daily itinerary so you have additional time to get certain tasks done.

Having a baby with you while traveling will certainly be more taxing on your available time to explore. Just to keep your stress level down while on vacation; we recommend you add 30 minutes onto each of your itinerary items.

30 minutes more will give you time to attend to the baby’s needs, such as consoling, feeding or diaper changes. Also adding the extra time will keep you feeling less rushed.

4. Book your flights early

Preparing for a holiday can be exciting, especially with the baby. We recommend you book your flight tickets early. We find that if we leave the ticket purchase till too late, we will most likely miss out on those valuable bassinet seats. 

The bassinet seats are brilliant because you can pop baby down to eat your food, you can pop baby to sleep in the bassinet and even manage to close your eyes.  We also love that the bassinet seats typically have much better leg room, so that we can keep all our baby supplies with us. 

But most importantly, the best thing is that there are no seats in front of you; so, no reclining passenger’s snagging up all your space.  You want the bassinet seat!  So, make sure to request it as soon as you have bought your tickets.

There are also some great products which you can purchase to make your own makeshift bassinet on a seat, such as the JetKids BedBox.  But it is important to note that if you want to travel this way, you will need to purchase a seat for your baby.

If you are travelling to a different time zone, we also recommend you read up on how to handle jet lag in babies! An essential item to help with sleep and getting your baby into the right timezone is a portable travel blackout blind.

Check out our guide to the best travel blackout blinds here.

Jetkids Bedbox

5. Take a baby monitor

Taking a baby monitor with you on holiday has its advantages. Bringing a baby monitor with you on holiday allows you to watch the baby while you do your own activities close by.

With the baby monitor you will not be confined to certain spaces. While on holiday with the baby, you can still enjoy a swim (if you have a pool villa), a drink on the patio or a quick workout.

The baby monitor will allow you more freedom that you think, while keeping an close eye on the baby. 

Baby carrier


Taking your precious baby on vacation can be a great experience. You will get a chance to enjoy many sites and activities with them. A holiday with the baby doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but you do need to take the right initiatives to plan a stress free trip. Using these helpful tips will certainly help you to survive your first holiday with your baby. 

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Jolene and Andrzej are living their dream. The duo is behind Wanderlust Storytellers, their widely successful family travel blog. They love sharing their passion for travel with people all around the globe. The couple say that they have found their purpose in life: “the question and the never-ending search for what we are here for or what we are meant to do with our lives was answered when we created our family travel blog.”

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